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Rapid Facility Services   Is A Professional Domestic, Office And Business Cleaning Company Based In Melbourne And Servicing All Areas.

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At Rapid facility Services we specialise in providing home, business and office cleaning with a customised, detailed and affordable quality service. Our highly trained and professional cleaning staff are always sensitive to the customers needs and more importantly, they are empowered to take the action necessary to satisfy the customers requests. They are always ready to take on any cleaning job you may throw at them.

You can trust Rapid Facility Services to clean your home or office thoroughly and efficiently using the latest equipment, supplies and techniques. When it comes to house cleaning and office cleaning our professional cleaning staff make the difference.

Many factors must be considered when determining the cost of cleaning such as the type of material to be cleaned, type and amount of stains and soiling present, the size of the area to be cleaned and the amount of furniture to be moved. In order to provide the client with the best possible outcome, at Rapid Facility Services we will evaluate the job and provide an estimate free of charge.

Our professional cleaning service is next to none. Out of all the cleaning services in Melbourne, Rapid Facility Services will be the one you come back to once you have tried the rest.

Detailed Office Cleaning

At Rapid Facility Services we will customize an office cleaning program specifically suited to your needs. That would include a daily cleaning schedule as well as a schedule for the periodical cleaning of carpets, walls, windows and any other areas you decide are necessary.

Our Detailed Office Cleaning Specifications:


  • dust and wipe filing cabinets
  • dust and polish office furniture
  • dust and wipe monitors, computers, telephones, and related cables
  • vacuum/mop floors
  • rubbish Collection
  • remove finger marks from glass
  • cleaning of light fixtures, skirting boards
  • stairway and elevator cleaning


  • wash sink
  • wash cups, mugs ,and plates
  • clean countertops
  • wipe kitchen appliances (outside)
  • wipe cabinets (outside)
  • sweep and mop floor
  • collect Rubbish

Detailed Home Cleaning 

Below, you will see our regular detailed cleaning services specifications. Find if everything you need is there, if not call us for your extra request.  You can rest assured, we will fulfill your extra cleaning needs successfully.

Our Detailed Home Cleaning Specifications:


  • dust down the ceiling and corners of walls
  • dust and clean the ceiling fan.
  • wipe dust from mini blinds
  • fingerprints removed from door and door frames
  • dust clean the bookshelves and the books
  • dust clean tables and the entertainment center.
  • dust/polish furniture
  • vacuum Sofa and chairsvacuum/wipe stairs
  • dust or clean lighting fixtures
  • hand wash floors
  • vacuum clean carpets and rugs
  • dust/wipe baseboards
  • dust/wipe Shelves/cabinets (in/out)
  • fluff and straighten cushions and pillows


  • dust the vents and fans.
  • clean, disinfect ,and scrub tile walls and bathtubs
  • clean and disinfect shower and shower doors
  • dust/wipe mirrors and glasses
  • clean and disinfect sink and counters
  • wash and disinfect floors
  • clean and disinfect toilet (in/out)
  • shine and clean chrome fixtures
  • wipe cabinets and drawers (out)
  • remove dust/cobwebs
  • vacuum clean bathroom rugs and carpet







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